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Some post-CM ep thoughts

Just finished Criminal Minds' latest episode, "The Thirteenth Step".  There was stylized camera shots, gratuitous violence and implied sex, shots of the unsubs, more gratuitous violence and then some. 

Okay. I was expecting my episode. So where is it?

I didn't like it. I can say in part that I was influenced by the episode comments in the TwoP forum. But even unspoiled, it was... meh. I've seen this stuff before, and I DIDN'T expect to see it in a cerebral show like CM. What the hell are the showrunners trying to pull now?

What's to like about this episode? My brain is still hard at work to find one.

Most of what I didn't like were pretty much covered by posters in the forum, but here are some what weren't mentioned:

- the Prentiss and Garcia scene. Garcia's comment about Prentiss' awesomeness felt forced, as if they shoving that fact down the audience's throat. Oh, we get that already. Can we move on? (/eyeroll)

- the BAU being at the forefront and giving in to the unsubs' suicide by cop. Hotch mentioned that the hostage was the priority, as if he left the part of the unsubs unsaid. But them being at the forefront of the carnage?

- the overblown violence. This show used to be subtle in handling that. The series established it during its earlier seasons that the show was never about the violence, and leaves it to the audience's imagination to pie the picture in their heads. We never get that treat anymore with the episodes.

- AGAIN, no meaningful team interactions. That Emily-Garcia small talk at the beginning does NOT count! Garcia sounds like Emily's new fangirl, like they've only just met. Sheesh. I rewatched snatches of the first few episodes of this season, and at least, there were some glimpses of that. Recently, it's either not there or just sounded contrived.

- the local law enforcers were hardly a blip in the radar. Though I could say the same with Rossi and Hotch. I mean, any law enforcement figure could stand in their place, and there wouldn't be a difference. 

What confuses me:

- they profiled that one is a sociopath and the other a psychopath. It could just be me, but it wasn't strongly implied. But it looked to me that the girl was the dominant psychopath. She pulled the trigger on Ray's dad, didn't deter a stranger's approaches and even encouraged it, seemed to be getting off on violence when Ray beat down on her dad and when he started to turn on her... so yeah, I guess those actions point to this fact. I just wished someone from our team confirmed that in some way. Of course, they don't really know what's actually happening.

ETA - Okay, I found some things I liked:

- Hotch in a shooting stance shooting with cold controlled fury. Rawr. The only rewindable scene in this ep so far. 

Oh. I guess that's the only thing I liked with this ep. Will see if I'd like it after a couple of rewatches--which to me, right now, seems like a big chooooore.

What's happening to you, Show? Even my sister's not finding you entertaining. She even misses the old geeky Reid, and not this seemingly haughty, overconfident clone!Reid.


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Feb. 2nd, 2011 03:02 pm (UTC)
Oh blah. I'm sorry that your show is going down the tubes! I always hate it when a show starts off with such a good premise, and then slowly devolves into pretty much everything else on tv. :(
Feb. 6th, 2011 04:34 am (UTC)
*sigh* That's true. At least, it has/had? 4.5 good seasons. Folks are still looking forward for this show to pick up.
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