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Giving you the dirty finger---

--and dern proud of it, too! 

One must consider that messy smudge of purplish blue ink on one's finger a badge of courage, diligence and tons of patience if you had to endure hours upon hours waiting on the line just to exercise your right of suffrage.

I've been hearing some of the people's horror stories when they went to cast their votes, all boiling down on the ridiculously long wait just to vote. The voting process in itself is quick and seemingly efficient. I'm sure everybody wished that the technology also tried resolving the long queue that wasn't there before when I voted last. 'Course, I'm speaking of my own experience in voting. The last time I went to vote, we only spent some time locating our voting precinct, went in, filled out the ballot, then we were out. I sure hope they can resolve this waiting issue once the next voting season comes round. 

So what's your voting horror story?

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Election is barely a month away now, and I'm not really sold with my lineup... if I could call it one. I sort of  have a presidential candidate in mind, and I haven't really made up my mind for vice president and senators. Yeesh. Ask any registered voter, and most would likely have the same answer. The reason? Are there really good candidates out there? It's as if corruption has been an integral part of the Philippine government that people don't believe one person can weed it out. Perhaps we're looking for a band-aid solution that should be seen through long-term? T_T

Percy Jackson movie sort-of review

I managed to watch the Percy Jackson movie over an uneventful weekend. I say "managed" because I hardly find any motivation to watch movies, much more drag me into the theaters to watch something I had no interest for, just like what my peers at work tried to do when they watched "Alice in Wonderland" last Wednesday.

First off, I'd like to make mention that I haven't read the Percy Jackson books, so I watched with no expectations or preconceived notions (not like Sherlock Holmes and Phantom of the Opera).

Here be the soft-of review. Do realize that most of the comments and observations are from a personal standpoint. Plus, I'm not getting paid for this. Spoilers are abound, so you're fairly warned.
Plod on for the review!Collapse )

As a wannabe movie reviewer, I'm giving this movie a D+.

Breakfast, anyone?

Okay, so it's near noon in this part of the world, but I'm sure the rest of the world is either just waking up, or heading for bed. =P

It's Day Five of my imposed 'vacation', and I was tasked to make breakfast this morning: pancakes. It comes in ready-mix packages. What could go wrong? I don't really do the cooking in the house, and I haven't cooked pancakes in ages. Again: what could go wrong? ^^

The ingredients were simple: pancake mix and water. My intelligence felt slightly insulted knowing that's all there is to it. So I decided to add eggs and powdered milk. The eggs looked decidedly cute in the cup, I took a picture. I put it inside the red mixing bowl we always used for pancake batter because I liked the bright contrast of red and yellow.


Like I mentioned to my sibs while I was making them flapjacks, I'd rate myself "A" (as in Ass) in cooking, because the first batches ended in dark brown instead of the golden brown that we all love. One that I put cinammon chips in that almost got incinerated I christened, "Cinnamon from Hell". Hey, it wasn't that bad, though. It wasn't totally totalled--just that my sis put more syrup than usual.

The rest of the batches, middle sis decided to put all the ripe mango slivers into the batter, which wasn't part of the plan, since I wanted to make plain batches. I made mention of the mangoes because one little piece caused the batter to form the one below. Do you see it? ^_^

Just in time for the luurve month, eh?

This one I set aside for the Little Peanut.

About more than halfway through, I finally got the hang of cooking it right, as you can see. There were a lot of misses, and there were some hits. The misses you can see underneath them hits.

Who says cooking ain't messy business? =P

The best part of it all is that the rest of the family still enjoyed our simple fare. Hope the rest of you folks had a lovely breakfast! \(^_^)o


I let my niece use my computer for the first time, since my brother-in-law was using his laptop. The only thing she uses the PC for lately was to go on Facebook and play games there.

Then she saw this video of 2NE1's segment in a show singing "I Don't Care". I shouldn't be surprised, but I still was when she tried to sing along. It just made me laugh for some reason. I mean, what was I thinking that the household wouldn't be affected by the hallyu wave? She always, always asks I either play "Nobody " by the Wonder Girls on forever loop, or look up the video on youtube because she found the animated version amusing. She's eight; it's a given, I suppose.

And so, the Philippines is finally catching on to other Asian music. It's just small wonder why that didn't happen with Jpop, specially with the influx of anime some years back. I guess folks then found you weird if you were singing some track from a Rurouni Kenshin OST, or that singing the Voltes V ending song would earn you strange looks. Hn. And people found Kpop only now?? =P

Oh, well. It's nothing new, so I'm kind of used to it. I have several songs from anime stored in various computers and thumb drives, my sibs are hardly surprised if I suddenly belt out in some obscure Japanese song. And with my discovery of Park Yong Ha's other talent (singing), my playlist has grown, specially upon discovering two more of his albums. PLUS there's a CD I ordered from yesasia that's been waiting for me for almost a week. I would have gotten it had I not poked my friggin' eye.

And, oh yes, there was a bit of a motive why I posted again. I wanted to share a vid of one of Park Yong Ha's concerts in Japan. I was playing with the idea of posting it on FB, but then I wouldn't want certain people in my list of my fangirl persona. XD

So, here's Tomorrow, from PYH's Love album. Hope you like. ^^

It's Day 4 of my 'confinement' at home since the eye-poking incident Monday night. I haven't done much but check on Park Yong Ha on the net. And to think I've only thought of now to log into my LJ.

Oops, I'm telling my tale backwards, ain't I?

The lowdown here.Collapse )

So. Back to the present. I've been doing the dishes, looking after the kiddies from time to time, and burning the net with my searches. Haven't drawn or plunked my guitar, or even write anything for my fanfics in limbo. T.T It's like I'm a different person from before. I would have reveled at the thought of days off from work, and do all this fun stuff. Has all my creative juices run dry? Have I developed into a bigger bore?

Little rant on yummy Yong Ha goodness

I did say that I was going to come up with reviews of the books I'm reading, didn't I? I did have a bit typed up, but I haven't wrapped it up. That took a backseat with the holidays and loads of other work carp.

Plus, another new obsessing fangirling activity in the shape of one Park Yong Ha.

It all happened so fast. It just started a couple of weeks ago, yet I still can't really recall how it really started. I mean, I've seen him on Winter Sonata, and endured romantic cheese in Loving You for his sake. And after some furious googling, I only discovered recently that he's a popular singer in Japan. So that only goes to say that was my first exposure to the term 'hallyu'.

Way back when, I liked him because he was kinda cute. I didn't  think much of his acting skills then, either. But I find that he's improving with the series "Story of a Man" (aka Slingshot), which I'm watching. His other series last year, "On Air", though much lauded, didn't impress me much, though. Still, I'm happy to know that he's back in the acting business after being away in Japan for so long. I think his Korean fans don't mind.

And as for his singing... damn, that voice. I kind of suspected he sang one of the soundtracks in Loving You. But I never imagined his voice took him far in other places. 
So now, I'm making up for it by slowly building a personal collection of his songs, videos, and anything where he showed up on. I even actually got Darkmagician-chan to romanize some of the songs from his "Love" album so we could sing to it. Not too bad for folks who don't speak Korean or Japanese.

And this also looks like I'm making room for mushy ballads again after a very long time. I must be getting old...

Speaking of ballads, I'm gonna be getting one of his older albums soon. And just in time for February, too!

Photo courtesy of koreanmovie.com

One captured random thought...

It just amused me, after hearing one coworker commending another artistic one on her chibi drawing, then challenging Artistic Coworker to draw her if she was any good. Funny how people perceive skill relative to their own needs or motives, selfish or otherwise.

And then it occurred to me how flattering it must be for someone to draw a representation of you, whether a realistic rendering or a caricature. It piques your curiosity to see how the artist perceives you, if they capture your essence, your distinctness in this sea of obscurity. Did they get your eyes correctly? Did they depict your captivating pout just right? Lacking that, do you see elements of your daily self in what the drawn you wears, or could be holding? It tells much of how much the artist picks up clues from you, whether you've worked with them for some time, or you've commissioned them to do your portrait. Fancy that...

Mid-December in (rambling) review

I haven't announced that I finally have both Canary Trainer and Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes, have I? XD

The package arrived a week before Friday at the post office, but couldn't pick it up until Monday since they're closed on weekends. I was a little bummed out by that. Imagine that the books are just a short commute away, but I had to wait two days! But the company Christmas party that Friday and watching Korean drama pretty much kept me amused through the wait until the pickup.

I started on Chronicles first, and I was on the first pages of the second story when I decided to start on Canary Trainer instead. The latter is a paperback, so it was pretty easy to carry around to read while on commute. Starting out Tuesday night, I finished that Saturday morning. I'll post separately for their reviews.

So, yes, a lot of stuff has happened the past two-and-a-half weeks. First of it when I was offered to buy a Toshiba L300 laptop in partial payments. So I researched online about it, had second thoughts, and ended up buying a CPU instead. Well, at least this sucker would meet most of my requirements. ^^;  But now, having been using the laptop on occasion since my brother-in-law bought it, now I'm beginning to have second thoughts of getting the desktop. ^^;; The OS hasn't even been set up properly yet! Yeesh... will really have to get around to do that sometime this year. So that technically makes it a week. Blah.

My shift technically ended eight hours ago, but got a lot of stuff to do, as usual. I'm tired and my mind is dangerously drifting to parts unknown, but not without feeling that sense of fulfillment of a job nicely done. Can't really say that it's well done, but I muddle through. ^^

As my mind was wandering off to vegging-dom (if such term even exists), I thought of visiting my profile page down at ffnet, and got some pick-me-uppers from gracious reviewers. I couldn't help myself to some mild ego-tripping lark and peeked inside my old fanfics... and saw how far I've regressed. I almost couldn't believe that I wrote this stuff! It's not that i think that my writing style is excellent; it's because my futile attempts at writing recently just... doesn't hit the mark for me. Not even close.

And since I've left a handful of multi-chaptered fics hanging, I'm beginning to doubt my capability of being consistent and faithful to their premises to see to writing the end. A lot of things changed in my life that I'm not sure if I have the luxury to let my mind graze into some semblance of creative writing.

I'll find a way... I hope.

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